'Stars of the Week'

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Stars of the week this week!


RW - for producing an amazing balanced argument despite being absent for some of the teaching


SD - for completing lots of additional research for homework

SA - for some amazing writing

March 'Stars'

SF - for producing a fantastic piece of writing

KS - for producing a great newspaper

Lockdown Stars February

AB for retelling the story of 'Alma' in a very descriptive way, that built tension for the reader!

RWi - for writing an amazing story

HG - for extra effort in everything that she does

SD - completing extra work independently

Lockdown Stars January 2021

LB for sharing so much work with her teacher

EL producing a fantastic advert about the Day of the Dead

December 'Stars'

EL for great perseverance during a maths test and showing all her working out in a clear and precise way.

This young man has shown great kindness and understanding towards another member of his class this week, so well done TM!

November 'Stars'

SB - This young lady has made a huge effort this week to join in more with the class discussions, particularly during whole class reading, so well done!

HG - always looking to further her science knowledge - if she finishes a task, she independently writes down all the extra facts that she has learnt

LJ - For a huge effort with her mathematical understanding this week and not giving up when challenged

AB - for accepting a challenge in Reading an Grammar and seeing it through to the end!

October 'Stars'

LW for superb writing about WW2

JB for writing an excellent letter from an evacuee in WW2

SA for showing excellent learning behaviour in maths and helping others with their pronunciation in French

DA for being a super supportive partner,

September 'Stars'

AL for demonstrating fantastic handwriting in his English book.

MG for demonstrating excellent learning behaviour

LL for making excellent links in maths, particularly place value